Urban Sketching Examples

Inspiring drawings and sketches that highlight cityscapes and urban scenes.
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a hand holding up an open book in front of a building with two trucks on it
a drawing of a plant in a glass on a table
an open notebook with drawings on it and a red ribbon hanging from the front cover
Omar Chamorro C.'s obsession with vertical lines
an orange and white drawing of a city street with tall buildings in the background,
hand to paper
a hand holding an open book on top of a table next to markers and pens
a drawing of a bus on the street
Moscow sketch
a hand is holding a small piece of paper with a house drawn on it and two pens are in the background
Landscapic illustation
an open book with drawings on it showing various things in the room and people standing around
"Riga and Tallinn in a sketchbook." Lisa Smirnova, 2013
a drawing of a kitchen with an oven and refrigerator
Searching for a nice watercolor blue to paint my California sky - Urban Sketchers
Urban Sketchers
a person holding up a notebook with drawings on it
this is a black and white drawing of a kitchen table with utensils on it
a black and white drawing of food on a table with utensils, coffee mugs and saucers
Диалоги | イラストアート, イラスト 線画, スケッチ
an open book with a drawing of a food truck
Jenny Adam