Sketchbook Ideas

Examples of art that give examples of techniques or layouts that I would like to try in my own sketchbooks.
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a person is holding a pen and writing on a piece of paper with watercolor paint
An interview with watercolor artist Inga Buividavice
two pieces of paper that have been made to look like mosaic tiles
Watercolor for Relaxation
Watercolor for Relaxation | Willa Workshops
an open book with some colored pencils on it
The Lake District — monkeymintaka
a drawing of red flowers on a white surface
an open notebook with red flowers painted on the inside and green stems sticking out of it
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an open book on the ground with pictures of people's faces and heads in it
Zane Prater
some markers and pens are laying on a table next to a drawing of a tree
a drawing is shown on top of a piece of paper with blue and orange designs
Lisa Smirnova
a drawing of a blue camper parked in front of a tree with red leaves
Spring is here :-)
Relaxing Color Pencil Sketchbook Drawing
an open book with trees and stars on the pages, surrounded by blue forgeter flowers
Sketchbook art by Ulla Thynell
an open notebook with watercolors and pencils next to it on a table