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Fred and George <3 the best twins ever. Ever heard about why they auditioned in the first place??? It is a great story :D

Their faces though! Their thoughts- Hermione: Someone please tell me that I'm dreaming that I'm affiliating myself with such fools. Ron: LOL Harry's gonna get killed Fred: WELL DONE DRAGON! George: WELL DONE DRAGON!


Draco ripped out a piece of paper from an unknown book in the beginning of Chamber of Secrets. Hermione had a ripped out piece of paper talking about the Basilisk in the movie. <---- HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS Harry Potter

Harry Potter cosplay

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how come no one ever says it George and Fred?

Fred and George were secretly really good dancers. reasons Fred and George Weasley were the best characters in the Harry Potter series)

the marauders and mcgonagall

the marauders and mcgonagall---I think he would try to say it was him, I mean you know how honest he is but McGonagall just wouldn't believe him because no Remus Lupin no no way he said that he's so polite and all.