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Is there anything more beautiful and organic then birch trees? Whether you use the birch tree theme for your ceremony backdrop, your centerpieces or your cake you simply can’t go wrong!

This project piles it all on with fruit, leaves, pumpkins and pinecones, just to name a few components — but just on one side of the wreath. Try an asymmetrical design for something a little more unexpected, and DIY your own dried orange slices by baking them in the oven. Click through for the tutorial and more easy DIY fall wreaths.

26 Fall Wreaths That Celebrate the Best Parts of Autumn


Make DIY Acorn Crafts for Decorating

I love natural decorations ! Such as this unique wreath, it made with pine cones, nut shells and acorns. This natural pine cone wreath will look great han

Květinové dekorace / Jídlo a floristika | Fler.cz

Květinové dekorace / Jídlo a floristika | Fler.cz