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how to grow avocado from seed in a pot with the title easy method
Forget the toothpicks! This is the Easy Way to Grow Avocado from Seed
How to Grow an Avocado from Seed | Easy Method
iris care after bloom with video
Iris Care after Blooming
Bearded Iris done blooming? This is a way to clean up your Iris after it flowers. Iris care after it blooms has many benefits for the plant and your garden!
purple and white flowers with the words get tons of blooms how to plant iris
How to Plant and Grow Bearded Iris in Your Garden
a man holding a bowl full of vegetables with the title 12 ways to lengthen your garden's growing season
12 Ways to Lengthen Your Garden's Growing Season
Many gardeners wait diligently for late spring so that they can begin their gardens, and then they reluctantly call it quits in the fall. Depending on where you live, that can be a short-lived growing season of only four months or so. However, there are some simple ways to lengthen your garden’s growing season. With a longer growing season, you can produce more fruits, vegetables, and flowers, which means you can put more food on your table and more money in your pocket. Here are 12 ideas.
an image of how to divide irises in the garden with text overlay that reads, how to divide irises
How to divide irises and replant them in the garden
some tools are laying out on a wooden table outside in front of a birdcage
~Garden Wire Cloches and Simple & Sweet Fridays #176~
the garden is full of vegetables and plants that are growing in rows, with text overlay
Vegetable Garden Layout Tips and Tricks ~ Bees and Roses | Vegetable garden planning, Garden layout
a plant growing out of dirt with the names of plants on it and numbers below
Planting Your Vegetable Garden: Everything You Need To Know
a poster showing the different types of vegetables
Chic Couture: Home Decorating | home decor ideas home decorating ideas home decor inspiration home d
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