49 Pins
a cardboard box with dogs in it on top of a wooden table next to a green plant
Schleich Stall aus Karton basteln
a table made out of wooden pallets with the words how to make a schleich stable
How to make a Schleich Stable
a wooden structure with animals in it sitting on the floor
a table topped with lots of toy horses and farm animals on top of grass covered ground
two toy horses are standing next to each other on a wooden table and one horse is wearing a red sweater
several wooden boxes filled with toys and horses
several boxes filled with food sitting on top of a floor
a room filled with lots of items and an american flag hanging on the wall
Shleich tackroom
a toy horse and rider riding over an obstacle
a toy horse stable with horses and other toys on the floor in front of a white wall
a toy horse in a wooden crate with green balls on the ground next to it