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How to Fix a Separated Zipper: 11 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
How to fix all the common problems you’ll run into with anything you own that has a zipper!

zipper fixes

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Instead of rushing to a store, you can have a bumper harvest of tomatoes. 8 Things to Keep in Tomato Planting Hole to Grow Juicy and Sweet Tomatoes Who doesn’t love to grow surplus tomatoes in the backyard? You don’t have to be an expert to do so, just place these 8 things in tomato hole before planting them. #tomatoes #gardening #bakingsoda #epsomsalt


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Zipper Lost Its Pull? Try This Trick! #hacks #simple #clean
Zipper Lost Its Pull? Try This Trick! #hacks #simple #clean

fix it ideas

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parts of the tomato plant for pruning
Long standing formula that is tried and true. Please place in areas that pets do not reach.


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Instant Pot Crack Chicken Noodle Soup
Shredded chicken is one of my “go tos’ when it comes to fixing dinner. You can use it in so many recipes. I found a way to make up a batch of yummy, savory shredded chicken in a SNAP using the INSTANT POT. I get so excited about this little gadget, (I use it everyday), …

instant pot hints

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How to help your rescue dog adjust to his new home through training, exercise and time to decompress. #dogadoption #mutts #fosterdogs #shelterdogs #rescuedogs #adopted
DIY No sew pet bed. These would be great to make for the kids in the playroom!
FREE Dog boots pattern to learn how to make dog shoes easily to protect your pet's paws against rain, cold and harsh ground but also soft to allow free movement


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Have you been looking for an inexpensive way to transfer an image?!? Check out this great WAX PAPER IMAGE TRANSFER tutorial. The video helps with the all the details!

how yo printables

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Thinking about how to train a dog to walk on a leash is as simple as hooking his leash into his harness and walking?

dog training

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Borax is one of the most useful substances in the world. It can be used to clean most of the things in your home. #borax #usesforborax #boraxhacks #cleaninghacks
Tired of your cabinets being a greasy mess? Check out this simple tip on how to remove grease from cabinets. It will only take a few minutes and your cabinets will look brand new!

cleaning hints

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Red Riding Hood - Crochet
Barbie doll dress. Instructions are given for both a mini and long dress that flare out at the bottom. Both dresses are easy to crochet prov...

doll clothes

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Crochet Christmas Wreath - Learn to Crochet
Delicious Instant Pot Alfredo - Awe Filled Homemaker
Cute (and Free!) Christmas Crochet Pattern Roundup


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Free Barbie Crochet Clothes Patterns
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Castor oil for Moles
Just Rub Your Skin with This Spice and Your Wrinkles will Disappear! - Fine Cooking
Dark patches usually appear on the neck, armpits and inner thighs, due to waxing, shaving, using deodorants and even sun exposure. Moreover, people

skin stuff

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crochet popcorn toilet paper cover
Granny Tissue Box Cover Free Crochet Pattern
Colorful Shells and Bows Boutique Tissue Box Cover - free crochet pattern

toilet tissue covers

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Paracord Projects
diy-paracord-belt-6 | VIDEO: How to Make a Paracord Belt
This homemade paracord belt will help you out in a survival situation by making sure you have paracord on you at all times. Learn how to make it here.


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Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie Cups – warm and delicious apple pie filling cooked in cinnamon sugary cinnamon roll cups in a muffin tin. The Easiest dessert that comes together in 20 minutes! Only 3 Ingredients: Cinnamon roll package, apple pie filling and icing. Quick and easy recipe, party desserts. Vegetarian. Video recipe. | Tipbuzz.com
A miracle drink that helps you get rid of extra pounds while detoxifying your body - oneJive


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How to Avoid Gaps in Amigurumi | Crochet Arcade


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How To Remove Rust Naturally! Great for tools and if your dad is a contractor because I know know and easy way to help him clean his tools! ⛏
Easy trick for cleaning out those candle jars! This hack is perfect for those Bath and Body Works glass jars with lids. Great for storing small items! This is such a cheap and easy way to upcycle! | Instrupix
Tying a knot may seem like a simple skill to master, but the Magic No-Ends Knot Video Tutorial will teach you how to tie a special type of knot that does not have any ends. This type of knot is perfect for a wide range of free knitting patterns.

how 2s

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All diets promise you’ll lose weight if you stick to them for long enough.But most require huge sacrifices and a monumental amount of iron will to do so. What we all dream of instead is waking up being thinner than the day before. How great would it be if we awoke leaner than the day...
A Dentist Friend Told Me How To Eliminate Tartar, Gingivitis & Whiten My Teeth In 4 Steps & This Homemade Recipe!!!
Crochet towel holder pattern for the kitchen. Quick & easy free crochet kitchen towel holder pattern!8

kitchen stuff

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Lazy daisy stitch – used to create a flower Pull needle though to front at 1. Make a loop and insert again right next to 1. Come out again at 2 holding the thread under the needle as you pull tight. Insert the needle at 3 and move onto the next petal.
Puppy Ann's Cross-Stitch Patterns

lils XSyitch

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Use Baking Soda To Speed-up The Weight-loss Process !!
7-Day Oatmeal Diet Plan To Lose up 10 Pounds In a Week #weightlossdietplan
How To Use Hydrogen Peroxide For Earwax Removal: Hydrogen peroxide for earwax removal is one of the most sought-after and effective remedies to get rid of earwax build-up. Keep reading to understand how to use it. #remedies #homeremedies

healthy stuff

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How to Fix a Zipper (without Replacing It): This is a easy way to fix a zipper without replacing it. This method is really fast too. It works when the zipper pull doesn't close the zipper together anymore. I don't really like to replace zippers, because they always come out a little bit wavy …
This may be the most common technique needed in sewing. I want you all to have the most success in your sewing projects as possible because I know from experience that it is way more fun when your …

sew things

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Do you need amazing and free crochet hat patterns? we have shared here the 148 free crochet hat patterns that are all adorable and will be loved dearly by every crocheter. #crochet #crochethat #freepatterns
What is the crab stitch? Only the easiest crochet border stitch ever! I tend to use this as a border because of the way it works up, and it is beautiful!
Crochet Flowers and Leaves – Free Crochet Pattern for easy applique embellishments for headbands and hats. Includes photo tutorial

easy crochet

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Strawberry Cheesecake Cake Roll
These 3 ingredient coconut macaroons cookies are gluten-free, easy to make and delicious. The perfect dessert for Passover or any other Holiday. Yummy!
EASY ROYAL ICING recipe- Learn how to make quick COOKIE ICING for cookies that dries hard. Made with simple ingredients. Perfect for piping, cookie decorating, cookie decorations. Great for gluing gingerbread houses. Lots of tips included! {Ad} From CakeWhiz.com #cookiedecorating #icing #frosting #christmas #cookieexchange #dessert #recipes

easy bake

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