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someone holding up a piece of ice in front of the ocean
Numb fingers but mesmerized / Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon #iceland #vscocam #ArtistInitiative #TheOuterLimits #seasons #AppsforEarth | natmccomas
A different work in Norway,.
a small waterfall in the middle of a forest
White lady falls - Dartmoor uk
an aerial view of a large body of water
An ariel view of Homer, Alaska & 'the spit' which, is the long piece of land extending into the bay.
the mountains are covered in colorful grass and snow
Fall Colours And Alaska Range, Denali by Yves Marcoux
✯ Fall colours - Denali National Park, Alaska
the mountains are covered in snow and brown grass, with low lying clouds above them
Denali National Park, Alaska
a moose standing in the middle of a field with snow covered mountains in the background
Moose wanders through tundra
Denali National Park in Alaska
an aerial view of a city and harbor with mountains in the backgrouund
Sitka, Alaska, USA
Sitka, Alaska, USA
an aerial view of snow covered mountains and valleys
Hubbard & Logan Glacier
the inside of an ice cave with rocks and water
29 Surreal Places In America You Need To Visit Before You Die
Mendenhall Glacier Caves, Alaska
people are walking on the street in front of buildings with mountains in the back ground
The scenic town of Skagway was founded during the Klondike Gold Rush in the 1890's. Skagway was the starting point for prospectors going to look for gold in the Yukon. Visitors can go back in time to the days of the Gold Rush as they stroll through downtown Skagway, viewing many restored historical buildings.