Сосновая пыльца  Сбор и   Применение

Сосновая пыльца Сбор и Применение

Tchaikovsky  "Waltz of the Flowers"

Early spring and blooming nature video Tchaikovsky "Waltz of the Flowers"

Spring Waltz of Flowers  Весенний вальс цветов

Lika Ingrid - a channel about interesting and useful. This is a videos about travels around the world, about the sights of Europe and different countries.


Drosera (sundew) - that's how it looks amazingly beautiful. Drosera, has medicinal properties that can cure cough, whooping cough, tuberculosis, fever and en.

Первые Весенние Цветы. Подснежники и другие

Video about the first flowers of spring, snowdrops and others was shot in the midst of the beginning of flowering of spring flowers.

Весна в городе Прага.  Чехия. 2 часть

Весна в городе Прага. Чехия. 2 часть

Удивительные цветы лета

Удивительные цветы лета

Магнолия в цвету  Magnolia

Магнолия в цвету Magnolia

Виды орхидей

Video about different types of orchids, their many. Orchids are very beautiful and delicate flowers. In Italy, on the peninsula Gargano there is a reserve of.

Примула Первоцвет Primula

Примула Первоцвет Primula