Сосновая пыльца  Сбор и   Применение

Сосновая пыльца Сбор и Применение


Drosera (sundew) - that's how it looks amazingly beautiful. Drosera, has medicinal properties that can cure cough, whooping cough, tuberculosis, fever and en.

Гинкго билоба  -  лечебные свойства и противопоказания

Ginkgo biloba has healing properties and has been known since ancient times.

Лекарственные растения Interesting and useful plants

Interesting and useful plants on our planet. Medicinal plants - how to recognize them. Plants are a natural pharmacy.

Лавровишня  Prunus laurocerasus

Лавровишня Prunus laurocerasus


Lika Ingrid - a channel about interesting and useful. This is a videos about travels around the world, about the sights of Europe and different countries.

Сhokeberry, Рябина черная

Сhokeberry, Рябина черная

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