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Coolest Hammocks ever! A list of the 20 coolest hammocks and it's got everything from an outdoor cage hammock, to an indoor hanging seat hammock, to a kayak hammock, to a tent hammock, to a.

The AeroBed PakMat is lightweight, comfortable, and a perfect choice for tent camping. Measuring an extra-long 78-inch long by 26-inch wide by 5-inch high when inflated. The included hand pump lets you inflate your bed with no power source necessary.

AeroBed PakMat with Hand Pump

This green AeroBed PakMat air bed would make a perfect temporary bed for guests or a comfortable alternative to the ground on a camping trip.

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30 crazy camping tricks that will make your life easier

Travel to Bellingham's trails this summer! Maximize your packing efficiency with 23 Simple and Essential Hiking Hacks