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a black and white drawing of flowers on a piece of paper with writing underneath it
Tulip sleeve in black and white
a happy birthday card with daisies in the center and an embroidered frame on it
By Carolyn C. Parchment card coloured with polychromo pencils. Dorothy Holness.
three pink flowers on a purple background with white trim around the edges and bottom edge
PCA Embossing Parchment Templates TP3220E - TP3250E
PCA Embossing Parchment Templates TP3220E - TP3250E
a little angel holding a baby bird in its arms on a red and white background
Xmas card
a pink and white flower with green leaves on it's center surrounded by pearls
By Carolyn C. Pergamano Parchment Craft. Border pattern by Miki Green, flower worked in Polychromo pencils.
a blue and white plate with flowers on it sitting on a tableclothed surface
Pergamano Book - ART OF EMBOSSING STEP-BY-STEP Kannikar Sukseree
a paper with an image of a butterfly on it's back and the words, `
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an image of blue flowers and butterflies on a red background with white doidles
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a purple and white lace border with flowers on the side, next to an empty piece of paper
a white lace flower on a black background with the words evaart 2009 written below it
White pergamano.
a piece of paper with white lace on it and some leaves hanging from the side
Activitécréa, le blog d'Ibiscuss
a pink background with white flowers and lace on the edges is featured in this image
#Pergamano #Dentelle de papier #Parchment Craft #Parchment paper #modèles et cartes Créations Avec Passion Sylvie