Elf on the shelf idea: Lego revolution

Elf on the Shelf Ideas: LEGO Revolution

How to Build a LEGO Fidget Spinner - So cool!!! Step by step instructions and the post has a video too.

How to Build a Fidget Spinner with LEGO Bricks

Have you heard of fidget spinners? Originally introduced as a fidget tool for kids with ADHD or autism spectrum disorder, they have exploded in popularity with kids everywhere! My boys heard about them from neighbor kids and wanted one of their own, so we

'Wizard of Oz' Lego re-creation has rotating tornado // I am 672% done with everything right now. I wish I had a Lego set of the Emerald City... With very detailed instructions...

'Wizard of Oz' Lego re-creation has rotating tornado

Huge Lego Wizard of Oz Build - Oz Lego Structure - Includes a Motorized Tornado Lego Art Sculpture - "

Venus Fly Trap

Our twenty-first entry to our Iron Builder with Siercon and Coral. So why not combine them?

LEGO Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. created by David Scalone

#LEGO Zugal’s eyrie tower (by Asimon481)

The Zugal's Eyrie - this piece is fantastic! A majestic but terrifying tower and landscape, filled with menacing, giant crow-like beasts made of tons of creatively used little pieces and some prisoners!

Horizon Zero Dawn by Marcel V. #LEGO #MOC #diorama #bow #ruin #tree #beast

This determined builder doesn't even enjoy games like it, but he nonetheless made an awesome Horizon: Zero Dawn Lego set.

I want to find a good way to build a cylindrical tower any suggestions on how?

Christmas LEGO Table by rb3wreath, via Flickr

DIY Lego/train table using storage from Ikea. Drawers for sorting lego colors and/or vehicles.

Working LEGO trebuchet lays siege to your cities

Andrew built a functional trebuchet that launches by the weight of the front!