I’m a sleeping plant, I’ll get to you tomorrow after my nap. By the way, call me Plantcat .

Hello I am Crow Sky. My eyes were blinded when I had a bad fight with a rabbit. Some think I'm a old helpless she cat but I can do as well as I did when I was a warrior.


* * ORANGE: " Me be soes glad me founds yoo! Yoo wuz gone fer hours and nowz yer safely back." I wuv yoo.

=^.^= CÅt§ in The Window

* * " Me musts do somethin' heroic todays. Likes knocks a child into de river ands save em.

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Super cute!!

A more recent study found that children raised with pets may be healthier as well. Children raised in a home with cats (or dogs) were found to have fewer ear infections and respiratory problems than those without pets.

Gorgeous cat

not a Dog but beautiful, if I ever have to have a cat, White Maine Coon. My goodness when I saw this white Coon cat I could not believe it. What an amazing cat !