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The Beatles: Paul McCartney, Richard Starkey, George Harrison, and John Lennon (fine English gentlemen looking very smart!

Andrea Bocelli - Champagne Don't know what he is saying in his music, but it moves my soul to tears.

Love Songs: With "Passione", Andrea Bocelli goes straight to the heart with a collection of Mediterranean love songs and duets featuring the likes of JLo and Nelly Furtado and is produced by Canadian musical force David Foster.

Andrea Bocelli - Mamma

Andrea Bocelli - Mamma Happy Mother's Day to moms all over the planet❗❗❗

Elton John - Electricity

Elton John - Electricity P.with a thousands smiles she gives to me free , "It´s alright" -she says - " it´s alright.FLY on ,little Wing .