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the stair railings are made from wood and metal
Gallery of Own House / ZONA Architekci - 56
Gallery of Own House / Metaforma - 56
an empty room with stairs and a potted plant
Imgur: The magic of the Internet
a set of wooden stairs with black string running down the bottom and handrails
20 inspirations déco pour l'escalier
Escalier avec rampe protective en fil noir
a person walking up some stairs with their feet on the steps
Автоматическая подсветка лестницы - Светодиодная LED подсветка. Освещение ступеней ночью
Подсветка вдоль ступеней лестницы. Легкая установка Подсветить лестницу с готовым ремонтом Как сделать подсветку лестницы, когда ремонт уже сделан Самый простой способ установить подсветку лестницы Подсветить лестницу не штробя стены Подсветка лестницы без штробления стен
an empty staircase with wooden steps leading up to the second floor and light coming from above
This Hyde Park Family Home Seamlessly Blends Function and Form
The staircase and the upstairs flooring is oiled oak. LED lighting under the handrail gives off a soft light.
a modern house with stone and wood accents in the front yard, surrounded by tall grass
Overhang - Modern - Portfolio - David Small Designs | Architectural Design Firm
David Small Designs is an award winning custom home design firm. See a portfolio of our Overhang project
an exterior view of a modern house with stairs leading up to the front door and garage
Fachadas Minimalistas – Todo Fachadas
Casa 80 Se aprovecharon los muros de carga de concreto y se hicieron aparentes. #casa #concreto ...
the side of a house with wood siding and stone steps leading up to it's entrance
Acceso principal: Casas de estilo moderno por Diez y Nueve Grados Arquitectos #Casasminimalistas
a modern house is lit up at night
Pozas Design Group
Architecture | Architect | House | Pozas Arquitectos | Home Style
the inside and outside of a house with circular windows on each side of the stairs
5 Things That Are HOT On Pinterest This Week
Large circular windows in the walls provide natural sunlight to the staircase.
the house is made out of wood and has an open floor plan with two levels
Современное шале в Швейцарии
Современное шале в Швейцарии
two garage doors are open on the side of a building with steps leading up to them
Fachadas modernas: ¡7 ideas de puertas y portones! | homify
CASA SAN ÁNGEL : de Landa Suberville
a house with a pool in front of it
Galerie : Toutes les Maisons Ossatures Bois – Tradition Bois
Réalisations maison ossature bois, Tradition Construction Bois