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a birthday cake decorated with balloons and decorations
a white cake sitting on top of a metal plate next to a cupcake holder
509K views · 14K reactions | #justsmile😊 Instagram @taams.pasteleria | Just Smile | The.Wav · Long Walks
a woman holding a pink and white cake with flowers on it, in front of a video message
23K views · 142 reactions | Yong nagchat na Si Client kung Anong Oras Maedeliver ang Cake, Akala mo Bukas Pa 🫣🫣🫣😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨 Buti nalang Maganda parin ang kinalabasan 😇 #trendingaudio #trendingreels #trendingreelsvideo #daisycake | Sweets and Cravings by Crizels | Sweets and Cravings by Crizels · Original audio
the cake is decorated with princesses on it
توبر الاميرات الصغير متوفر ☺️ | By ‎الباز أفندى لخامات وأدوات تزيين الكيك بالمنصورة‎Facebook