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Harry potter characters in Japanese style

I love Japanese style HP characters - picked up a few HP fan comics while I was in Japan just for the pictures, since I can't read the words :)<< Fred and George look a lot like Kaoru and Hikaru Hitachiin

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I like this chestnut wreath but I wouldn't put the hearts on it. I would leave it more natural looking.

The Dance Academy cast! This show is too freaking amazing...

The Dance Academy cast! Just finished season three 😢, I want more dance academy 😥

I love this show!   All the characters are likable.  Usually when it comes to watching tv shows, I normally have a favorite.   This show is hard to have a favorite.   All the characters becomes like family to me.    I laugh with them, cry with them, wanna smack a couple characters in particular...lol.   Overall, if you happen to run across this on netflix or YouTube, I highly recommend watching it.   You won't regret it!

Dance Academy Season Two. This season made me cry :( Abigail, Ethan, Ben, Tara…