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Raised Bed Gardening | A little sad to admit but I only grow BASIL for Basil Lime Margaritas🍹 😋😭😭 | Facebook
Raised Bed Gardening | A little sad to admit but I only grow BASIL for Basil Lime Margaritas🍹 😋😭😭 | Facebook
Raised Bed Gardening | A little sad to admit but I only grow BASIL for Basil Lime Margaritas🍹 😋😭😭 | Facebook
a glass filled with liquid sitting on top of a table next to sliced peaches
Peach Ranch Water Will Raise Your Spirits
Peach Ranch Water Will Raise Your Spirits
two men on a boat with the caption you've got to watch the mint a little
Regatta Craft Mixers on Instagram: "Give the mint a little slap 🤲🏻 🌱🙏🏻"
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Jennifer Valentyne on Instagram: "Viral Brazilian Lemonade 🍋 Have you tried it yet? Add some coconut rum and it will be your drink of the summer ☀️ Of course it’s just as delicious without the alcohol. I brought it to the neighbors party everyone loved it! Trends come and go but I will definitely make this one again. Make sure you don’t blend it too long because it will become bitter. If you try it let me know! 💚 Here’s what you need… 4 Limes with the skin on 5 cups Water 💦 1 can condensed milk 1 cup Coconut Rum 🥥 Ice 🧊 Enjoy #brazillianlemonade #viralrecipe #delicious #easyrecipes #summervibes"
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Must Love Herbs - Lauren May on Instagram: "The Herb of Happiness! 🌸 Is it any wonder that Mimosa is given such high praise? This beautiful tree heavily adorned with pink tuffets grows throughout Appalachia. The flowers and leaves are both edible. The flowers can be eaten like vegetables and the leaves are great added to stews! I am focusing on tincture today. Pink mimosa flowers should be collected at their peak blooming time and immersed in an high grain alcohol base. I have sat it in a cool, dark space where I will shake it weekly for 8 weeks. After that the solids will be strained out of the liquid. Then the liquid will be stored in an airtight jar and kept in a cool dark spot until ready to use. Mimosa is known for lifting mood and helping with anxiety. Tinctures made with the flowe
someone is holding a drink in their hand with the word sorppino on it
Nigella on Instagram: "AD I’m positively quivering with excitement as I bring you news of my latest recipe for @ocadouk: that heavenly Italian creation, the Sgroppino, best described as a cross between a celestial cocktail and a drinkable dessert. Get ready for a Sgroppino Summer! Head to www.ocado.com/nigella for the full recipe. #NigellaXOcado #Ocado #OcadoJustForYou #Partnership"
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Lainie Kates | Healthy & Easy recipes on Instagram: "With over 10 million views, had to reshare my viral easy peach frose! The summer cocktail you NEED by the beach or pool! SO SO good 😉 🍑 Follow @lainiecooks_ for more easy cocktails & mocktail recipes! Ingredients: 5 cups frozen peaches 2 cups rose 4 oz vodka 1/4 cup honey (or more to taste) 1 cup ice Peach rings (I like @smartsweets ) Instructions: Add all ingredients to a large blender and blend until smooth. Poor into your favorite class and top it off with candy peach rings. Makes 3-4 drinks."
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Blackberry Bourbon Smash
Blackberry Bourbon Smash
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that’s the spirits on Instagram: "More bourbon martinis!! Starting with the Blueberry Bourbon-Tini 🫐 • Blueberry Bourbon-Tini • 2 oz bourbon 1 oz lemon juice 3/4 oz blueberry syrup (1 cup blueberries, 1 cup sugar + 1 cup water. Bring to a boil then let cool completely before straining.) 2 dashes lemon bitters Shake w/ ice Double strain into chilled glass Garnish w/ blueberries Enjoy! #thatsthespirits #martini #bourbonmartini #bourbontini #blueberry #bourbon #spring #springcocktail #drink #drinkrecipe #cocktail #drinkstagram"
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Brittany | Home Decor & Style on Instagram: "Batch cocktails using @Empress1908Gin Indigo and Elderflower Rose Gin |AD| These drinks are perfect for wedding celebrations, bridal showers, and summer parties! See full cocktail recipes below! #EmpressGin #EmpressIDO #SipResponsibly INGREDIENTS: Purple Mojito Lime Drink 💜 (Serves 12 people) -3 cups Empress Indigo Gin -3 liter Limeade -1 liter Soda Water -Sliced Limes + Lime Juice/Limeade to freeze in cubes -Mint to taste + Garnish Pink Grapefruit Drink 💗 (Serves 12 people) -3 cups Empress Elderflower Rose Gin -3 liter Grapefruit Juice -1 liter Soda Water -Sliced Grapefruit + Grapefruit juice to freeze in cubes -Rosemary to Garnish TIP: Add the Soda Water/ Sparkling Water last and not too far in advance before serving to avoid flat drink
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JORDAN | cocktails + mocktails on Instagram: "SPICY DILL PICKLE MARGARITA 🔥🥒 👉🏻 Follow @kentuckyginger for more summer cocktails! Have some leftover pickle juice around and not sure what to do with it? Make a SPICY DILL PICKLE MARGARITA! NGL, this turned out better than I expected, and is a MUST for all you pickle lovers out there! Here’s what you’ll need: 2 oz. Ghost Spicy Tequila (@ghosttequila) 1/2 oz. cointreau (@cointreau_us) 1/4 oz. agave (can totally eliminate this if you’d like) 3/4 oz. fresh squeezed lime juice 1 oz. dill pickle juice (@nicks.piks) Add all the ingredients into a shaker with ice and shake 20x with a smile. 😃 Strain into a glass with ice and garnish with a few pickles and a dehydrated lime wheel. I used a spicy salt for my rim, but any of your choice wi
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Kelly Pettit on Instagram: "Honey Butter Old Fashioned 🍯🧈 maybe the only thing better than honey butter on a biscuit! 2 oz butter fat-washed bourbon* .25 - .5 oz honey syrup (depending on how sweet you like it) 2 dashes Orange bitters 2 dashes cinnamon bitters (linked in my Amazon storefront) .25 oz vanilla liqueur Garnish: mini biscuit Method: combine all ingredients in a mixing glass. Add ice and stir. Strain into a rocks glass over a large cube. Garnish with a mini biscuit. *butter bourbon: melt 1 stick unsalted butter and let cool. Combine in a jar with 20 oz bourbon and stir. Place lid on jar and let sit at room temp for 2 hrs, shaking every 20 mins or so. Place in freezer overnight. The next day, remove fat from top and strain with a coffee filter. Store remaining bourbon in fr
someone is holding an orange in front of some ice cubes and a bottle of apricot
Sarah Bond on Instagram: "Summer Tip: Keep these Aperol Spritz Ice Cubes in your freezer until cocktail time, then add them to a glass with Prosecco and a slice of orange. Easiest cocktail ever! 🍊☀️🧊 These will be an ABSOLUTE HIT when you bring them out 🥂✨ For 10 cocktails you’ll need: 2 cups Aperol 1 cup orange juice 1 cup lemonade 2 750 mL bottles Prosecco Orange slices Comment 👉 “spritz” for the full guide (with flavor variations!) aperol | spritz | cocktails | summer drinks | summer recipes | aperol spritz | summer party"
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Jimmy Buffett's Simple Trick for the Best Margarita
Jimmy Buffett's Simple Trick for the Best Margarita