Judy Garland

"Judy Garland is the tomboy kid who lives next door, who grew into a little beauty. Still a china doll, in miniature with her turn-up nose… she has poise, charm, and that smattering of sophistication which is enchanting.

Sh'ma Yisrael - Barry and Batya Segal

SH'MA YISRAEL - Barry and Batya Segal Messianic Music - background music used at Tabernacle Experience

Magdalena Kozena - Die ganze Welt der Magdalena Kozená

Cantata 'Wie starb die Heldin so Vergnugt!

Kitty Kallen

Popular singer Kitty Kallen turns 92 today - she was born in She was very popular in the later and was a 'big band' singer in the later

Lucia Soralova

Lucia Soralova

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