Ghillie Suit

Ghillie Suit
If you're a hunter, photographer of wild animals or paintball player, you need the Ghillie Suit. You'll be invisible!
Ghillie Suit
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Like a chameleon in the snow.

Like a chameleon in the snow.

There's ghillie suit for snowy terrain too!

Bushrag Synthetic Snow Ghillie Suit Jacket and Pants for Hunting, M/L Cyber Monday Black Friday Walmart

I don´t believe that you would find him without the circle!

Simon Menner's pictures are like Where's Waldo? but, instead of an odd guy in a striped shirt, you're looking for German Army snipers who are masters of camouflage.

Really good hiding meeen!

Ghillie suit, hidden in plain sight.

Choose the type of the Ghillie suit according your surroundings!

Main Materials Needed: -Jute or Burlap or more -Light Weight Nylon Netting (inch by inch squares) -Ghillie suit clothes (jacket, pants, overalls, flight suit, BDUs) -Several Dye Colors depending on the envirorment (example:Forest.

Invisible soldiers there! Eh, where are they?

Seam Grip® can be used to attach burlap or jute thread to the netting of your ghillie suit. When attached with Seam Grip, the camouflage pieces will be permanen