Suck up as many M&Ms with a straw as you can in 60 seconds. Blue Zone: Party games to rock your partaaay!

Party Games (m-n-m's OR skittles) straws and cups) take the straws and breathe/suck in and see you wins for most Simple easy and cheap go to dollars store for all items

Elephant Trunk Craft - I saw this adorable elephant and immediately thought it'd be perfect for oral motor activities! Kids can practice lip rounding, breath support, blowing, and sucking through the elephant's nose (ok, that was a weird sentence). You could use different objects for the nose such as, straws, whistles, pipes, etc.

Elephant preschool or toddler craft with noise maker horn trunk! This is sooooo cute! Safari animals or Dumbo / Disney theme birthday party favors (baby's birthday?) or rainy day activity for kids

Pin-Straws and Pom Poms Math Counting Game for Preschoolers

Straw and Pom Poms Counting Game

Nápady Na Vánoční Přáníčka - Yahoo Image Search Results

13178722_1174074175936271_579259668959792105_n.jpg (236×237)

13178722_1174074175936271_579259668959792105_n.jpg (236×237)

FREE Literacy Center - Summer Beginning Sounds

Summer Popsicle Alphabet and Beginning Sounds - FREE Printable

pom poms blazen

Fun Kid Activity: Lines of Colored Tape, straws and pompoms. Try straws and cotton balls. Adding the lines ups the challenge. Using pompoms allows you to adjust the size from tiny to pretty big. The pompoms are also nicer looking.

Color matching and counting activities with this crayon color matching activity for toddler busy bags, preschool and pre-k

Color Sorting: Crayon Color Match Activity

Andrews Hair Robert Munsch craft activity

Draw bald head/face w Sharpie. The paint along the top of the head w watercolor paint. Then using a straw, blow the water/paint away from the face.