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( Gate of Muteness YAMEN - Acupuncture Points ) On the occiput, on the posterior midline, in the depression between the (atlas) and (axis) cervical vertebrae, approximately cun inferior to (directly below the external occipital protuberance).

Trigeminal Nerve V Facial Nerve VII

Nerves for tactile sensitivity and pain are trigeminal facial nerves, glossopharyngeal and the vegus cranial nerves

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Anatomy/Physiology Chart: Aorta and aortic branches, liver, kidneys, stomach, and a few other organs that serve as anatomical accessories in this illustration.

AP of the glenohumeral joint

begin to dig: Unpacking a mystery: when shoulder pain may be all (or largely) in the wrist (a t-phase assessment story)

Duchas fuera de una casa Más

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