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two men standing next to each other with their arms crossed
ANDY WARHOL & lover JED JOHNSON (1948-96) Who's twin brother's name was Jay. Photo by Francesco Scavullo 1982. From Scavullo Photographs 50 years. (minkshmink)
three people sitting on a bench in the middle of an urban street, one holding a magnifying glass
Eclectic Vibes
Andy Warhol
black and white photograph of woman in leather jacket with man standing behind her taking selfie
a man sitting in a chair next to a skull
Peter Beard | Tumblr
Andy Warhol by Peter Beard.
black and white photograph of a man in sunglasses holding a coffee cup while standing next to other people
Juxtapoz Magazine - Fred W. McDarrah: The Artist’s World @ Steven Kasher, NY
an old man with glasses and a pink background
Patricia Steur - Andy Warhol
Patricia Steur - Andy Warhol 1982
black and white photograph of two women standing in front of a sign that says humble gents social club inc
Andy Warhol and Ingrid Superstar by Larry Fink
two young men with dreadlocks standing next to each other, one wearing boxing gloves
The Exclusive Story Behind Warhol & Basquiat's Boxing Photos
Andrej Varhola, Jr. a.k.a. Andy Warhol (artist, entrepreneur) & Jean-Michel Basquiat (artist, social activist):
an old woman sitting at a table with a camera
voxsart: “ The Bow Tie Crowd. Andy Warhol, 1972. ”
a man is sitting on the floor drawing with a pencil and watercolors in front of him
a man with sunglasses and a tie sitting on the ground in front of a door
Фотограф Marie Cosindas
Фотограф Marie Cosindas - Энди Уорхол (Andy Warhol)
two men and a woman posing for a picture in front of a cityscape
60's Fashion
Edie Sedgwick #Chuck Wein #Andy Warhol
an older woman with glasses and a scarf on her head is laying in the fur
yes is surrender
stolen-future: “ Andy Warhol by Ewa Rudling ”