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the diagram shows how to make an origami sailboat
Ships Ahoy!
an image of a quilt block with the words, interlocking seasons quilt block
Tutorial: Interlocking Seasons quilt block
the blocks have been made up to look like they are quilted in blue and green
A dozen different HST's
a quilt made with different colors and shapes
Four Patch Charm Quilt with Tutorial
an image of a patchwork quilt on the floor with text overlay that says, i
Unexpected Starts
a quilted star is shown on top of a table
Country Sunshine Progress
the quilts are laid out on the floor together
a red and white quilted christmas ornament sitting on top of a bed
Kırkyama&Patchwork ile Kolay işler
a square quilt pattern with flowers and leaves on the border, as well as an image of
a green and white quilt block with an arrow on it's center, in the middle
a green teapot sitting on top of a table next to a red and green place mat
This Cute Santa Provides Lots of Holiday Cheer - Quilting Digest
a quilt with many different designs on the front and back, all made up of squares
Loraine's Stitch 'n' Crafts
an advertisement for a quilter's table runner