Mrs. King's Music Room: Hear it! Clap it! Write it!-2nd Grade

Hear it! Clap it! Write it!-2nd Grade

King's Music Room: "Hear it! Clap it! Write it!" Grade Rhythmic dictation activity using worksheets. Print the activity and cover in laminate to use of dry-erase markers and allow the sheets to be reused

Singer Self Portraits

New Perspective Self- Portrait. Use mixed media (chalk pastels, crayons, and markers). Vocab: Perspective, Self-Portrait, and Value.

Bubínky - plechovka + balonek

canned food tin cans drum set toys, rubber bands, Homemade Musical Instruments {Music & Instruments}

All the Major Piano Chords

I couldn't play the piano if my life depended on it but this is still useful!

what instrument am i?

Instrument "who am I?" Game-- more great ideas on this page for teaching instrument families

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Jak se čerti ženili

Jak se čerti ženili