4 nenáročné masážne techniky na bolesti hlavy a migrény | Alternatívna liečba | Strava a zdravie | Choroby | Prírodná medicína

Learn four deep tissue massage techniques to relieve headaches from celebrity massage therapist Meagan Holub in this Howcast video.

Jin Shin Jyutsu– starobylé japonské léčitelské umění podporující vyváženost…

We have all heard about acupuncture and its benefits, especially to relieve pain. Fingers You Should Massage If You Are Stressed Or Depressed

Můj zubař byl ohromený, když jsem mu řekl návod, jak se mi ulevilo od příšerné bolesti zubů

Dealing with a toothache is the worst thing ever, and damaged roots hurt like hell. What is even worse, the pain harasses you for days. But, toothaches always bother you during weekends or special events.


Amazing – Rub Your Index Finger For 60 Seconds And See What Will Happen to Your Body. There are special points on your fingers that you can massage to relieve shortness of breath, constipation, diarrhoea, motion sickness, insomnia and migraines.

15 slov po kterých si Vás lidé zamilují.

15 slov po kterých si Vás lidé zamilují.

Metoda 4-7-8: Jak natrénovat mozek, abyste usnuli za 60 sekund

Is it too difficult for you to fall asleep at night? You should try the breathing technique that claims to help you nod off in 60 seconds! This method has been pioneered by Harvard-trained Dr. Andrew Weil, and it.

Ako sa zbaviť bolesti hlavy za 3 minúty bez akýchkoľvek liekov

The best way of reliving your headache without using any drugs and painkillers is by doing a head massage. A massage will improve your blood circulation and it will relieve your pain. Massage your …

Nebeská brána - Bod, který vás zbaví bolesti hlavy, nespavosti či úzkosti

Headache, indigestion, insomnia and nervousness are just a few of the situations that can be solved in just a few minutes and by pressing to one point. By pressing "Shen Men" point headaches and stress disappear.


The real and ugly truth is that most people immediately buy and use prescription medications and drugs, anytime they have some kind of health problem or issue. That’s not good, because the prescrip…

Neskutečné se stalo realitou? Paní Fukutsuidziová je japonská doktorka, která se…

Neskutečné se stalo realitou? Paní Fukutsuidziová je japonská doktorka, která se…


Připínala si na ucho kolík na prádla a nikdo nechápal proč. A důvod? O tomhle…