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Felt and leather shoes made in Hungary. Boglarka Boczy.

Boglarka Boczy Exquisite beauty - my goal in life is to create such a beautiful nomoc edge, to enclose a friend's felted slipper

Iron Age shoe, uitzoeken hoe het origineel er uit zag...

My first attempt at a proper turnshoe. Basically a variation on the shoes worn in Europe and parts of Asia from the Iron Age (ca.) through the early modern times (ca.

New viking shoes by ~VendelRus  I might try to make these. They need better war soles tho - interesting links in the comment section

This is a pic of my new shoes (or one of them anyway). Like my previous shoes they are based on a York and Hedeby finds. New viking shoes

Start to finish; trash to treasure. Black prahu using a sole with soul. Leave your individual footprint.

Inspired by the word ‘boat’ in Indonesian, the Prahu is our take on the classic boat shoe. Transition from casual settings to formal occasions in this staple th

I'm gonna make these out of denim. don't copy me.

Liens et généralités Most shoes were ankle height, although there are a few examples of higher boots. Shoes typically were simple affairs made using the turnsol