Lapbook de les estacions

Season Tree Project

Season Tree Project The changing of the seasons are a great activity theme for a classroom, group or home crafting session. Need fantastic tips and hints on arts and crafts?

Wie funktioniert eine Lunge

What a cool science project. Blow into the straws and watch the lungs inflate!

Coastal Breezes Academy: Five In a Row-Madeline

Coastal Breezes Academy: Five In a Row-Madeline (link to printable body in the comments and also glitter/germs activity)

Educational Felt Human Anatomy/ Parts of by LupitasLovelyCrafts

Educational Felt Human Anatomy/ "Parts of the Body"/ Human Anatomy Felt Set/Montessori Toy/Science Toy

Will it grow? Indian corn in a pan of water.

Will it grow? Update Growing Indian Corn Experiment for preschoolers. Put Indian corn in water and see if it will grow.

narcis tekenen - Google zoeken

narcis tekenen - Google zoeken

Enviromentální výchova

Enviromentální výchova