Lenka Homenukova

Lenka Homenukova

Lenka Homenukova
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Vintage inspired fantasy lace gothic bohemian gypsy skirt

this sweet little gothic gypsy skirt/belt/shawl will give a touch of dark romance to any outfit. based on sturdy cotton black lace she consists of

"Gypsy Fashion" by lunagitana on Polyvore  [This is actually very close to what I'm thinking of making for Angela]

Loving this Skirt! Boho Gypsy Skirt - New Age & Spiritual Gifts at Pyramid Collection I think I've changed from secretly wanting to dress like a hippie to wanting to dress like a gypsy.

napkin ringlet, very cute and looks really easy to do

Buying holiday napkin rings--or even using them--may seem a bit extravagant for most families. But making this version, which turns paper napkins into Christmas trees