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Olympic Games Nonfiction Text Features contains a variety of fun and engaging activities to aid in teaching text features. $

Your Black History Month lessons wouldn't be complete without a discussion of Ruby Bridges, a courageous civil rights activist who, at the tender age of six, was the first African American child to.

Penguin Nomenclature Book: Illustrates and describes 9 parts of a penguin.

Penguin Nomenclature Book: 9 parts of the penguin (nomenclature) illustrated and described in book/card format. Printable Montessori nomenclature cards and books for children by Montessori Print Shop.

Social Skills Flippy Books with Manners/Expectations Posters COMBO Integrates writing and social skills.

Social+Skills+Flippy+Books+with+Manners/Expectations+Posters+COMBO Developing+desired+expectations+both+at+the+beginning+of+the+year+and+throughout+is+a+vital+foundation+in+any+classroom. This+is+great+for+using+as+a+back+to+school+and+a+yearlong+project.