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you don't get to choose, you just fall in love, and sometimes the reason it's so's because it's love, and if love didn't have challenge what would be the point?

so very true!

Remember this, that very little needed to make a happy life ~ Aurelius


"Some books you read. Some books you enjoy. But some books just swallow you up, heart and soul." ♡ This is so the Outlander series !

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Love Quote by Steve Maraboli. "She is delightfully chaotic; a beautiful mess. Loving her is a splendid adventure.

Safe place to land...

I want to love and be loved

I want a steady hand, a kind soul. I want to fall asleep and wake knowing my heart is safe. I want to love, and be loved.


This has been my life for the month of August. My life is awesome! I want this framed and hanging over a comfy reading chair :) Source unknown…

More cute homemade art.

Get shadowbox type of frame. Print off quote onto cardstock. Make heart from book pages.

Mums are like buttons

Yes mum really do hold things together! Mums are like buttons wooden primitive hand made sign in pinks great mothers day gift idea

I have loved the stars

I Have Loved The Stars Inspirational Quote Art Print. Inspirational quote art print "I have loved the stars too fondly. This quote is often attributed to Galileo but is actually by poet Sarah Williams.

Yep, that's me for sure!!!!!!!

so true. I should put it in my craftroom to realise that it is always better to have more ideas than time. instead of more time than ideas!

William Blake - A first love.

The Tyger: Songs of Innocence and Experience by William Blake I love the illustration as well : ) Tiger Makes Me Think of My Sending Healing Love and Light AsAlways

Easy, fun, punkins!  Fine motor activity too!

Paper Pumpkins

We were delighted to discover that Martha Stewart featured our wonderful crepe paper in this sweet Halloween paper pumpkin craft.