Neiko Ng

simple japanese cartoon art style illustration of underwater landscape the explorers Neiko Ng, delicate and lovely with all the floral like detail, and moody colors

Information - Ella Bailey Illustration

Information - Ella Bailey Illustration, the gradient of colours here going from light to dark as you descend into the ocean

Illustration. Only a penguin...

"Touch" by Russian artist, Valentina Yaskina Whales are our world's most amazing creatures. This picture is incredible to me.

ina hattenhauer.

Ina Hattenhauer cats image has a nice inner peace - you can feel the purr.

Jon Klassen

This is for a book project called The Where, The What and The How: 75 Artists Illustrate the Wondrous Mysteries of the Universe that will be out next year sometime. I will post more details about it as it gets closer, but it looks like it’s going to.

Moths ~ Sarah Burwash

Ombre moth illustration by Sarah Burwash from Doodles and Paint

Otterly Romantic - Otters Holding Hands

Otterly Romantic - Otters Holding Hands iPhone & iPod Case by When Guinea Pigs Fly