Twenty Five Random Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar and 25 Homemade Advent Calendars on Frugal Coupon Living plus ideas for your Christmas Cookie Exchange and Homemade DIY Christmas Gift Ideas.

25 Homemade Advent Calendars

Making an Advent Calender with 24 acts of kindness. Instead of more gifts for your children, this puts the focus on the true meaning of Christmas! - you could go a lot of directions with this little chalkboard / clothespin / paper bag Advent calendar.

Större än, mindre än

This fun comparison game uses gator visuals for inequality signs. Partners place number cards in this speed battle game.

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Counting and graphing activities- seal life- ocean theme.

Patterns and counting activities (sea life theme)

Display idea

Reggio Emilia: Hanging Art - Children's Self Portraits suspended from a tree branch by Lithium

Dianka Kreativity: FONTY KE STAŽENÍ: Podzim je tady

Dianka Kreativity: FONTY KE STAŽENÍ: Podzim je tady