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Marie-Antoinette d'Autriche, Reine de France. Portraits

Marie Antoinette b: Austria. 1770 young, proxy bride-to-be of the Dauphin, Louis XVI, 1777 first heir and her guillotine death

longue bordure de vivaces dont des géraniums, sauges, nepetas, anthémis, macleaya cordata et phlox menant à un pergola de rosiers.

Garden inspiration: all greens (preferably trees) by the fence + fill the space (outside of patio) with plants of colour depth (shown in the picture)

Natal – ana paula freitas – Webová alba Picasa

Natal – ana paula freitas – Webová alba Picasa

A rare portrait of Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI.

In Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette sucede the French throne. They will remain in power until Louis XVI was tried by the National Convention, found guilty of high treason, and executed by guillotine on January 1793 as a desacralized French citizen.

Margaret of France (French: Marguerite de France or Marguerite de Valois, 14 May 1553 – 27 March 1615) was Queen of France and of Navarre during the late sixteenth century. A royal princess of France by birth, she was the last of the House of Valois.    She was the daughter of King Henry II of France and Catherine de' Medici and the sister of Kings Francis II, Charles IX and Henry III and of Queen Elizabeth of Spain. She was queen twice for she had married King Henry III of Navarre who…

La Reine Marguerite de Valois (detail of painting Coronation of Mary de 'Medici at St.Denis in Paris),Peter Paul Rubens. Маргарита де Валуа в поздние годы.

Henry IV - King of France and Navarre Husband of Marguerite de Valois

Henry IV - King of France and Navarre. Husband of Marguerite de Valois

MARGUERITE DE VALOIS 1553-1615 queen of France reine Margot ged 17, 1570 (oil on panel) ATIFET veil over ESCOFFION PROVENANCE school of Clouet, 1570, private collection, photo Bridgeman art

François Clouet - Marguerite de Valois Queen of Navarre, known as…