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Tattoo: let go.....

Tattoo: letting go love the placement. Change the kite to two birds flying twards the sun with flourish flight pattern and dates in flight pattern.

Frase: Alice

"If you don't knw where you are going, any road will get you there" in

Selene (Luna) - Titan goddess of the Moon; daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia, and sister of the sun - god Helios and Eos, goddess of the dawn

SELENOLATRY [noun] worship of the moon. Etymology: from Greek selēnē, “moon” + latreia, “worship”, from latreuein, “serve”. [Christian Schloe - Meet The Moon]

Mother daughter tattoos design ideas 33

My mother daughter tattoo. We both got this with the leaves coloring being our kids birthstone colors [ "Mom / fam / daughter/ with leaves being our

For you wolf, with all my love. - Red

Brother Grimm's Little Red Riding Hood this is the valentines version of my original art work "red riding hood ~ the first touch". little red riding hood ~ be my valentine

This interest me because it looks as if three picture have been combined into one overlapping each other. Tough this painting is black and white you see the dark areas and then the lighter areas. Travel and Photography from around the world.