Looking to introduce your kids to more science? Try this super EASY & quick experiment!

How Do Leaves Breathe? A Simple Science Experiment for Kids

How does a leaf breathe - STEM activity for kids. Great idea for the backyard & easy science experiment to do in a classroom too!

#DIYCloud #Science /You can easily show this to your kids with a few simple materials. You’ll need shaving cream (use the foam kind), a jar, water, and food coloring.  Fill the jar almost to the top with water. Cover the top with a “cloud” of shaving cream. Let your child drop food coloring into the cloud until the color starts “raining” into the water below. Explain that this is how rain works too. The water collects in the cloud until there is too much, and then it leaks through, forming…

Summer Cloud Science

Science Experiments for Kids. Activities so many kids’ science experiments you can do at home. From learning about how clouds rain to making sun-dried raisins, this list of 20 favorite science activities promises to be fun for kids AND grown ups.

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Sock plant :-) go for a walk outdoors with a sock over your foot.. Put it in a bag by a window n see what grows ;-)

Science for kids - Wear an old sock over your shoe. Go for a nature walk. Remove sock, spritz with water & put into a ziploc bag. Hang the bag in a window for 2 weeks.watch what GROWS!