Steamed Dumpling (Parená Knedľa) recipe - Slovak Cooking

Been looking for this recipe for a long time . its almost the same as my mothers: fruit filled steamed dumpling covered in vanilla sauce

blueberries with blueberry yougurt

Plum dumplings! A Slovak dish we've not tried. Wonder if mom will make them for us for Easter?

Show Tell Share: How to make Plum Dumplings -Szilvas Gomboc. The plums are in season right now.

A classic - poppy seeds koláče

A classic Czech baking for Sunday afternoon or wedding - poppy seeds koláče.

Don't let the name confuse you. Segedin goulash is a type of goulash but very far from Hungarian version. If you are fan of sour cabbage then this is food for you.

Segedin Goulash (Segedinský Guláš) recipe - Slovak Cooking - I Cook Different

Jednoduchá slaninovo syrová rolka

Tina's Easy Bacon Cream Cheese Roll-Ups {My Life as a Mrs} I love the fact that these do not require you to fry any bacon first - it bakes in the oven with the rest of the roll! This was a favorite recipe back in the I am old! They are yummy!

Smažené pirôžky

Smažené pirôžky

Lokshe (Lokše) = Low Fat Slovak Flour Tortillas made out of potato dough that are baked on a hot plate or an ungreased frying pan

Lokshe are thin low fat flour Slovak tortilas made out of potato dough that are baked on a hot plate or an ungreased frying pan.

Tvarohovo-višňové rezy (fotorecept)

Čím je teplejšie, tým viac ide na chuť niečo sviežejšie a tak som vyskladala…

Babiččina bábovka |

Babiččina bábovka |

Pierogi  Recipe: pirohy


Russian Pierogi- A great way to use up left over mashed potatoes is to prepare those.

Podzimní dýňová polévka -

Podzimní dýňová polévka -

Zobrazit detail - Recept - Domácí frgály

Picture of Recept - Domácí frgály

Slovak Lokshe recipe, photo instructions

Lokshe (Lokše) - Slovak tortillas made from a potato dough

Makové bramborové knedlíky

Těsto na tyhle knedlíky musíte připravit opravdu rychle. Ručíme za to, že…

Štrúdľa s jablkami a škoricou

Štrúdľa s jablkami a škoricou