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Lenka Doubravská
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This chart covers in simple format the various types of irises and what kind of corresponding health concerns each owner may have, according to Iridology.

Tongue reflex

Tongue diagnosis help to understand the totality of health and disease by observing the tongue size, shape, contour, surface, margins and color.

This is what acupuncturists can tell about you by looking at your tongue.

The color, texture and moisture of your tongue can be key in determining the overall state of your health. Here are some keys changes to look out for. The tongue consists of a group of muscles that allow us to taste food, to swallow, and to talk.

Fruit Bowl Sundae

Fruit Bowl Sundae Trifle- Layers of cookies and cream, fresh pineapple, bananas and strawberries, chocolate ganache, salted caramel peanuts and a cherry on top. It's a "Wow" dessert!