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a keychain that has some purple flowers on it and tassels attached to it
Hand Embroidered Keychain | Cute Keychain | Personalised Keyring | Quirky | Unique Gift | Lavender | Gift for Her | Jewellery
a needle - embroidered brooch with birds and flowers on it, hanging from a metal frame
El Nakışı Kolye Modelleri - Mimuu.com
a purple necklace with white flowers on it
Вышитые миниатюрные кулоны Abbey Vanderlin
four pendants are shown in the palm of someone's hand, with trees and mountains painted on them
Embroidered Personalised Jewellery
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a keychain with a tassel hanging from it's side on top of a quilt
87 Flowers 4 | Sewing Embroidery Designs, Hand Embroidery
a yellow tasseled keychain with a small embroidered bee on it's side
five embroidered pendants are sitting on a table with gold sequins and thread
Magical Embroidered Pendants Inspired by the ‘70s “Retro Girl” Era