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a sheet with musical notations on it
sheet music with the words in different languages
čertíci - písnička
an english worksheet with pictures and words for children to learn in the classroom
Pro Šíšu
Pro Štípu
children sitting on the floor in front of a paper cut out of a cat's head
a group of paper cut outs hanging above a radiator
Čerti 2016 - barevný papír.
an origami santa clause with a yellow ribbon and a red paper bag on top
Mikuláš z roličky
sheet music with musical notes written on it
Čertovská polka
Čertovská polka
three christmas decorations made out of sheet music and santa's helper, one in the middle
some paper cut out animals hanging on a wall
dolepování kousků papíru
sheet music with the words certii tuka na deve
Čertíci ťukají na dveře
sheet music with the words cert hiraty on it
Čertí hrátky
an art project made out of newspaper strips with paper birds and scissors hanging on them