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some people are laughing and talking together in the same room, with one person wearing a hat
a man standing in an empty hallway with his hand on his hip and the caption above him
Dang Sherlock. You keep surprising us over and over again.
there are three pictures of the same person in this room, and one has a hat on his head
:333333 I was just smiling sadly with blurry eyes at this point I was so emotional
two men are hugging each other and one has his hand on his face while the other is
"I Don't Understand" Limited Edition
I laughed too hard at this very scene. It hurts
the quote to a great mind, nothing is little
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Mr. Holmes!
Ни дня без Шерлока, ни дня без Джона — Juliya_Luthor — @дневники: асоциальная сеть
This Blog Is Freemaned
sannapersikka: “Need to look after her ”
the doctor who doesn't know what to do with it
Soo, Now I have a Tumblr...
You always feel it Sherlock Me-"But you don't have to fear it......."
Sherlock Sherlock Holmes Faces - Official Poster
Sherlock Sherlock Holmes Faces - Official Poster
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a man sitting at a table with a laptop and map in front of him that says, so i'm going to need maps lots of maps older maps all the maps
three different shots of the same person in front of a tv screen, one with his face
#sherlock #series4
Sherlock BBC
Gif... OMG SHERLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And now we all know why it took so long for Series 3. I'd mess up this scene for two years too if I could kiss him. lol