Maybe a photoshoot at a coffee shop or somewhere similar? I really want to do some "through the glass" shots.

Subordination & Dominance- the photo emphasizes the girl and the city reflection in the window hold secondary importance in comparison to her. The reflection of the city in the glass is Subordinate while the girl herself is the Dominant subject

David Bellemere – Private – BEHIND By Emil S. Nissen	/ 23 Feb 2012	/ S in Love, S on Art

I think that your naked body is the most pure and sensual beauty and if you think the same about mine. Then me and my body are waiting for you and your body. Let's have a nice meeting!

rustic bouquet daisies glass vase jar--- modern boho bohemian mid-century wood tones interior design decor - eclectic mod vintage earthy home

☾ Midnight Dreams ☽  dreamy & dramatic black and white photography -

☾ Midnight Dreams ☽ dreamy & dramatic black and white photography black and white & smoke & photo shoot inspiration

TAGS: Raquel Welch, Valentino, Rubartelli, 1969, Vogue, fashion, 60s, Peasant dress, Native American, Indian, turquoise, Raquel Welsch, 60's, 1960s, 1960's, 1969, vintage

Sun kissed boho/hippie girl w/ ombre hair in white fringe embroidered caftan/gown in wild grass--Coachella/Burning Man

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The "Peeping Tom" point of view

Ab toy neend be naa aaayte kah soocha hamara zindagi aak bara ghoot haa ap ne mujga hamesha roolaya haa or usna mujga itna pyaar de ya ?

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Beautiful deep brown tan I'm. Getting for my holiday bikini , I adore sleeping naked with a dark beautiful brown tan