papier mache balloons, fake candles, hang by fishing line

hand built pottery - hanging lantern ● Helen Vaughan ● throw a closed form, punch hole with can or cut freeform hole, poke some holes in the top, great raku possibilities!

good for making shadow puppets and where to add the paper fastener

good for making shadow puppets and where to add the paper fastener (have tracers for these)

paper doll - Marionette Outline

I designed this marionette as a template to use when making an original.

niharikahukku's photo on Instagram

Painter Niharika Hukku Delicate Fish Paintings Express Artist's Elegant Vision of the World - My Modern Met

Im happy to present to you:  Oscar, the blooming bear; Peppo, the flying rabbit; Ernesto, the diving monkey.  This is a set of 3 articulated puppets to assemble by yourself. Cut the pieces out, punch and frame them or play with them. They are printed on 300 gr paper. You will get also a selection of small brads to put them together, 3 wood sticks and some extra pieces ( the little and more breakable ones).  Sent in waterproof, sturdy packaging. Size uncut is A4.   © Annalisa Bollini All…

Set of 3 articulated paper puppet dolls DIY

"nena pájaro": Juno - sonia pulido

"nena pájaro": Juno - sonia pulido


Mayberry’s Insects. Book sculpture by Kelly Campbell . What else could live in an old book . maybe a new art lesson.