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Emily loves to cook, and her favorite DIYs are dishes she makes in the kitchen.

Emily fit four distinct areas into the one room of her studio apartment. She did it with smart spatial planning, but also with a blend of bold wallpaper patterns.

The show stopper: The kitchen workspace. To the right is the door to the backyard and porch—the next big project. The cabinets and countertops are IKEA, while the pulls and knobs are Martha Stewart Living Bedford brass.

For each of the major areas of your kitchen, daily maintenance combined with weekly deeper cleaning will keep your kitchen sparkling perpetually.

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5 of the most kid-friendly kitchen we could find. These kid friendly kitchen design ideas are perfect if you're looking for organization (cabinets, we're looking at you!) or decor that will keep your kids safe.

The entire kitchen is an ode to Steph's laid-back style. Guests always feel welcome in the space. The dining table was designed by Michael Antonia of Yeah Furniture.

A Creative Director's Light Filled Airy Laid Back Home Steph Rager describes herself as percent muralist, 30 percent illustrator, 15 percent sign artist, and 5 percent champagne drinker.