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2016 - 35. Spice Girls Just Came Back Ombre is not usually the first advice your stylist gives for your short bob, but tell him that you want balayage highlights and watch his eyes sparking with excitement! Now, tell him you really want some cotton candy pink on the tips, and let him wear the artist hat in less than a minute. Ask for a peachy pink shade in the middle, and a more vibrant fuchsia pink on the tips. Also, free up some time in your daily routine, because you will need to take…

Bob hairstyles are one of the most trending hairstyles all over the world so many women looking for unique and stylish bob hairstyle alternatives.

40 Best Bob Hair Color Ideas | Bob Hairstyles 2015 - Short Hairstyles for Women

You can try different hair colors on your bob hairstyle to get the unique and trendy look. Here are few best hair color ideas for short bob hair, that will.

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Braided hairstyle looks charming and luscious. If you want to add some special factors to your hair, you can try out the braided hairstyle. In this article, we will list you some impressive braided hairstyle. Rope Braid This charming braided …