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What a cool science project. Blow into the straws and watch the lungs inflate!

Teaching the Digestive system. Thank you to Mary Markowski for a creative idea!

Love this idea! Teach kids the digestive system by decorating an apron with markers or fabric paint. When they wear the apron, children will be able to see where the parts of their own digestive system are located.

Human Body Activities for Kids • Everything included! Reading passages, graphic organizers, & easy-to-follow directions for a life-size, hands-on human body project that incorporates reading and writing.

Human Body Project: A Life-Size, Lift-the-Flap Model of Body Systems

Book report

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Coastal Breezes Academy: Five In a Row-Madeline

Coastal Breezes Academy: Five In a Row-Madeline (link to printable body in the comments and also glitter/germs activity)

How to Make Your Own Breathing Machine | Maker Lab | DK Explore

Learn how to make a breathing machine from the author of Maker Lab, Jack Challoner. This easy experiment uses household items to construct model lungs and show how some vital parts of the body work. -- Learn about the respiratory track hands on, at home!

Free Human Body Lapbook @ Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus

Free Human Body Lapbook and Unit Study

Free Human Body Lapbook and Unit Study. Free hands-on unit study to learn about the human body along with a free human body lapbook.

Pretty sure my girls would get a kick out of this. Maybe at the end of our "human body" study?

Human guts modeled with vegetables

Vegetable Vitality Ads - You are what you eat--or so the saying goes. These International Vegetarian Union ads take this idea literally by using vegetables to recreate a ma.