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'Be Someone that makes yiu Happy', graffiti/street art, inspiration

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3D street art

Amazing Art Collection 400 awesome craft ideas to do with your kids this Christmas! Amazing Street Art of Edgar Mueller Pics)

Element: Art & Design 2-D to 3-d in an interesting way for ripping out a wall to explore the secrets.

It's not just a crack on the wall. "Find the cracks and exploit the discoveries to be revealed there . then move on to practice running headlong into the brick walls. Cracks crack first. Heads crack before brick walls. (from: STREET ART UTOPIA)"

Pues pasa el trabajo d escribirlo por aqi,no se pq razon vas a tener trabajo en escribirlo,y dormida se q no lo estabas,estabas bastante despierta,lo se,eres tan frikin mentirosa pero ese es tu problema,continua hundiendote cn tus mentiras,q asi m demuestras lo mucho q qieres "solucionar,arreglar y ser una mejor persona"

We declare the street as our canvas. Let the truth be written on the streets we grow and live on

"Hereeee's Johnny!" Amazing street art in Berlin, Germany <3 #graffiti

the shining graffiti street art jack nicholson

Banksy was caught on tape while painting this mural at a London pub. It features his signature red balloon.

The Most Iconic Banksy Works Of All Time

Banksy was caught on tape while painting this mural at a London pub. It features his signature red balloon. // London, because Banksy

Sonic The Hedgehog graffiti art

Star Mild. Bandung Indonesia.

Sidewalk Chalk Art "Star Mild" by Manfred Stader


Graffiti artist Banksy pulls off most audacious stunt to date - despite being watched by CCTV

Banksy pulled off astunt to produce what is believed to be his largest work yet in central London. The secretive graffiti artist managed to erect three storeys of scaffolding behind a security fence despite being watched by a CCTV camera.

Artist Smates phenomenal large scale Street Art mural of a swimming dog Mechelen, Belgium  #art #graffiti #streetart

Street Art on

UNDERWATER DOG : Belgian street artist Smates fantastic illustration graces the streets of Mechelen, Belgium. The underwater dog mural took its inspiration from a photo by Karen Dillabough. The large spray painted mural is four stories tall!

3D amazing chalk street art.I love this art.

Amazing Chalk Street Arti Love This Art

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Amazing Street Art

86 fotos que mostram o melhor do Street Art Utopia 2013