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Great quotes I want to use in my boys room!! Dont follow the crowd. ..be who God intended you to be.

Work on being your best self, being true to who you are. Easy stand in crowd, difficult alone

Or makes you feel like you don't deserve nice things :( and that your job doesn't count or calls to just yell at you pretty much all day long...why do I stay??? Where's my self worth??? CG007

& love anyone who treats you like you& ordinary.& - Oscar Wilde 101 Amazing Love Quotes We?ll Never Get Tired Of

Good morning to the woman that always puts a smile on my face...that always gives me butterflies...that amazes me with her beauty...that fits perfectly in my arms...that always knows just what to say to me...that can melt me just simply by smiling...good morning to you, beautiful...I love you so much and I am so excited to see you tomorrow, my love!

Good morning love 💜 I hope you slept good and that you have a wonderful day. Dont forget that you are beautiful and you, my love, are absolutely fabulous. I love you, A

Thank you for giving me a try. Friends, more than friends...you let me into your life on some level and I'm happy you didn't listen to any of the others.

“it’s impossible,” said pride. “it’s risky,” said experience. it’s pointless,” said reason. “give it a try,” whispered the heart.

Great words!!!

one smile, can start a friendship. one word, can end a fight. one word can save a relationship. one individual can change your life

Lost my mind over you a few times but it was always what my heart wanted.

losing your mind isn't that bad. losing your heart would be.

Just kiss me and I promise I won't be upset anymore.

When ima upset, just kiss me love love quotes quotes kiss quote upset girl quotes love sayings

He loves more than words. Put your head on his chest and listen to his heart beat, his heart still beats her name. He loves her to the moon and back.

She loved him and he loved her but it easn't that simple. - My Life

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Don't rely on someone else to make you feel complete! Be with someone who loves all of you completely! ❤ luckly I found someone who accepts me

Love A passionate woman is worth the chaos.: A passionate woman is worth the chaos.