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Homemade Lemon Cake: Toilet Paper Origami

There was a somewhat whimsical New York Times article on the growing phenomena of folded toilet paper in restaurants, hotel rooms, and rando.

toilet paper origami

This toilet paper origami heart looks simple to make but there are a few tricky steps. You need to make the folds exactly the same to get a symmetrical heart which is not lopsided or skewed.

I just did this to the toilet paper in my bathroom. Hopefully my sister goes in there before I do

okay this is what i do every morning or when ever i am in the bathroom. My Folded Toilet Paper 'Asymmetricphobia and quot

Toilet Paper Origami

Blumentopf Toilet Paper Origami - LOL the comic might come home to this, I know you like the simple fold at hotels/when you cleaned houses.